About EU-DK support

What is EU-DK Support?

The EU finances a number of programmes and support schemes where you can apply for funding for your research, innovation, culture and business projects. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to get started and who can help you in the process. Therefore, we have gathered all Danish public advisors in one network - EU-DK Support.

EU-DK Support counseling is free of charge and our aim is to support Denmark's participation in EU programmes in the area of research, innovation, culture and business development. Cooperation between the many public advisors will ensure that you receive well-qualified, effective and timely support and guidance.

Our target group is broadly based; we advise research institutions, small and large companies, public institutions and interest organisations. We seek to provide an overview of the EU programmes and support schemes that exist, in order to create incentives to exploit the opportunities for EU funding.

EU-DK Support was established in 2013 as an initiative under the The Danish government’s innovation strategy from 2012 ‘Denmark – a nation of solutions. Enhanced cooperation and improved frameworks for innovation in enterprises’.

Which EU programmes does EU-DK Support advise about?

Which organisations are part of EU-DK Support?

Regional offices
Enterprise Europe Network


University Colleges
Knowledge and Business Clusters