Aalborg University
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7K
Postboks 159 9100 Aalborg Aalborg

Aalborg University

Aalborg University (AAU) is a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution that combines a vibrant commitment to local, regional and national issues with an active commitment to international cooperation. Aalborg University offers high-quality education and research in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering and health sciences. The educations are aimed at both the private and the public labor market.


  • Capital Region of Denmark
  • Central Denmark Region
  • North Denmark Region
  • Region Zealand
  • Region of Southern Denmark


  • European cooperation in the area of education
  • Research and development projects
  • Creation of european or international relations
  • Innovation


  • Energy
  • Bioeconomy, food and agriculture
  • Digitalisation, Big Data and computer technology
  • Environment and climate
  • Society, culture and media
  • Health
  • Technology, production and materials
  • Space
  • Pedagogy
  • Education research
  • Didactics


  • Research institution


  • Guidance on proposal writing
  • Project administration
  • Development of ideas and projects
  • Information about calls for proposals
  • Representation of interests
  • Courses and trainings
  • Legal and finance counselling

EU programs

  • Horizon Europe
  • Erasmus+